Water in livestock farming

Clean drinking water
1% of your total feed costs

  • Fewer health problems
  • Better feed utilization
  • Higher production results

Is your water clean?

You can now test the quality of your water with our water test
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Cattle farm
  • Operating result: up to 3L more milk.
  • Healthier animals
  • Up to 75% reduction in cell count
  • Longer cow life
  • Better mineral absorption
Poultry farming
  • Fewer sick animals
  • Reduced medicine use
  • Higher feed conversion
  • Drier manure
Pig farming
  • Good drinking water reduces the risk of diseases
  • Use less medicine
  • Less downtime
  • Up to 10% Better Feed Conversion & Growth

Parameters water quality waterkwaliteit

To know for sure what the quality of the water is, we do a water analysis. In this analysis the following parameters are examined:

Iron content

If there is a lot of iron in the water, this has a negative effect on animal health. Iron suppresses the absorption of trace elements in the intestine such as selenium, copper, zinc and it ensures an iron overload in the liver. This has a negative effect on liver function and resistance. An iron content that is too high also causes problems such as changes in color, smell and taste of the water, blockages in the pipes, lower production, inactivation of administered drugs, increased bacterial pressure due to rust and the possibility of diarrhoea. You want the iron content in drinking water to be as low as possible, GD recommends 0.2 milligrams per liter


Manganese, like iron, is naturally abundant in groundwater. The value is usually also increased in the raw spring water. The manganese-containing water creates a black deposit. This black manganese deposit can also be found in the piping and causes a reduced watering rate and an increased bacterial pressure. Manganese oxidizes more slowly than iron, but here too the pipes will gradually silt up with manganese deposits. Manganese gives the water a metallic taste, which leads to a reduced water intake in animals and therefore a lower performance. 


Biofilm is a slimy deposit and is formed by ‘polluted’ water. Biofilm forms in the water pipes because loose microorganisms attach themselves to the wall of the pipe. Biofilm develops naturally, but is harmful to the body of the livestock.

Water hardness

Water hardness is a term that indicates how many hardness ions are dissolved in the water. If the water hardness is too high, lime and magnesium particles start to form limescale. Loss of optimum flow capacity, increased use of detergents, early equipment wear and increased energy consumption are the result of a build-up of limescale in pipes.

The process to clean drinking water

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
You request a FREE water test through our website and it will be sent to your home within 5 working days. With this water test, you test the quality of your water.
Water analysis
Our water consultant will contact you by telephone to make an appointment at your location. to take samples of your drinking water. These are sent to a laboratory.
Made-to-measure plan
A Made-to-measure plan is made based on the results. Our advisors will discuss this plan with you over a cup of coffee.
Installing product(s) & afterservice
We start with installing the product and regularly inform you about the status of your water quality.

Is your water clean?

You can now test the quality of your water with our water test
Request the test and you will receive it within a few days for FREE.

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